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Reminder: Annual meeting Sunday Sept 1st, 2019 at 10:00

Our annual water association meeting will be held at 10AM Sunday September 1, 2019 at Tim and Lorraine Clements cabin.

Their cabin is located at 7084 Mt Ralston Road (first cabin on the right after entering from Hwy. 50).

Reminder: don’t leave water running slowly to combat freezing pipes

As the winter sets in and the air gets colder and colder, please remember that as you close your cabins for the winter, water systems need to be completely shut off. Running a slow trickle of water is not an acceptable way to keep pipes from freezing, as it causes trouble for the entire water system. It was announced at the annual meeting last year that there were two months where the tank was drained and the electricity bill for the water system hit high numbers. The best guess is that someone left water running to avoid freezing their pipes, which caused much larger issues with the overall system.

Your Tahoe area service listings needed

On our MRPA website we have a new services page that lists places that some member has used. But, we need your listings for it to be helpful! So if you have a service vendor in one of the categories listed (or suggest a new category), please send me the name and contact details so I can add them to the list!

Note that right now we have no rating system in place, but I’ll look into one. In the mean time, I suggest using Yelp or asking your neighbors for their opinions about the choice you’re considering as well.

Caltrans paving HW50 from Sep 26 – 29 and Oct 3 – 6

Caltrans started a paving project today, from Strawberry to near Johnson pass road, that will impede traffic flow during their work, which is expected to last from Monday to Thursday both this week and next.

See the Caltrans press release for further details.